All day November 11th - Open to all NYU students

NYU MAGNET- 2 MetroTech Center

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Industry Professional Mentors


There will be industry professionals with a wide range of expertise from sexual health professionals to designers to game developers at the game jam. These professionals will not serve as judges, but rather as mentors, helping you take your game to the next level through check-ins and workshops throughout the day. 

What is a game jam?


Whether you're a game developer, a designer, or someone with a ton of great ideas, a game jam is a full day of collaboration and fun. From the start of the day to the end, your team (don't worry, we'll make you one if you don't come with one already) will receive our game jam challenge and take an interactive medium from brainstorming to fruition. This can involve anything from a board game, a web game, a Unity project, or VR (and everything in between!) And no, it won't be in its absolutely final form by the end of the day, but you'll get the chance to work with your teammates and some super cool industry professionals to create something amazing. (Also, all 3 meals of the day will be provided...)

Do I need to know how to code?


Nope! It takes a team to make a great game and all the unique skills everyone brings to the table. Teams need dreamers, artists, designers, and programmers. If you come without a team, we will be matchmaking teams based on expertise so each team can have the diverse set of skills necessary to succeed.

Will there be food?


Yup! All 3 meals of the day (+ snacks) will be provided to keep you nourished and fueled throughout the jam.

More Questions?


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 Doors open, breakfast + registration begins

Opening ceremony + keynote speeches

Challenge announced! Sex+ Game Jam Begins

Jamming Session I


Mentor Check-in

Jamming Session II


Final jamming session

Presentations begin!

 Sex+ Game Jam ends

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